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Outdoor Winter Planters

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Now that winter is officially here, it’s time to experiment with your outdoor planters to keep your displays vibrant right through to spring. Garden containers are fantastically versatile and there are lots of plants and shrubs that can thrive in cooler weather.

It’s important to choose quality materials for containers that can withstand cold weather without cracking, such as wooden planters made from strong woods like Redwood Pine and Oak, or Fiberstone planters that are durable and weatherproof. You will then need to choose hardy plants that look beautiful but can also cope with weather changes.

As plants grow less in winter, you should choose plants that start close to the size that you want them to be and pack them more tightly in their containers. To create the best environment for your plants, you should position your planters somewhere where they will get as much light as possible and assess whether your planters will require watering during the winter months.


Flowering Winter Heather in pink and purple, delicate white Snowdrops and Pansies in deep vibrant colours are perfect for adding bright winter colours to outdoor planters. The Christmas Rose can bloom in the darkest months and produce flowers from early winter right up to spring.

At TaylorMade Commercial we use quality and durable materials for every planter we design and offer a bespoke service so that each planter is completely unique and fulfils each client’s requirement, no matter how ambitious the project might be. With over 20 years experience we know exactly what works when it comes to planters so get in touch to talk through your ideas and make the most of your outdoor space all year round.

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