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The Appeal of Wooden Planters



When it comes to designing the exterior features of a building or property, many people struggle to decide what styles, furniture or plants will best compliment their site, particularly from an outdoor point of view. Many people tend to sway to wooden outdoor furniture, decking, and planters, as the material contrasts well with natural surroundings. In this blog we explore the appeal of wooden planters.


So What is the Appeal of Wooden Planters?

In comparison to plastic and stone planters, wooden Planters are the most attractive when it comes to appearance. They add a lot of character to outside buildings and come in a wide selection of colours and shapes. Wooden planters also work as a good heat insulator for soil and are relatively cheap and easy to put together.

Many people would, however, question the durability of wooden planters, with the pots prone to rot at the bottom. However, there are ways to resolve this. To avoid rotting you can place a separate pot inside the wooden planter and only use the planter for external decoration. An alternative method could see you line the inside of the box with heavy duty black plastic, with additional drainage holes.


In terms of maintenance, these wooden planters don’t require overwhelming amounts of attention. Nevertheless, if the wood is not well maintained and treated it will eventually turn grey and rot. Preservative treatment may need to be applied to the wood on an annual basis. The wood should also be treated with nontoxic stains, paints or waterproofing agents. Oil is another good option, as it helps preserve the timber and keeps it from dying out.


Hardwoods and Softwoods

So what’s the difference between the two when it comes to wooden outdoor furniture? Hardwoods such as Teak, Iroko, and Oak, have always been the preferred choices when it comes to garden furniture and decking, due to them, being more natural woods. However, some softwoods can still be used for decking, such as treated Pine.

In relation to durability, decking and garden furniture are outside 24/7, and the wood needs to remain weatherproof all year round. In this area, hardwoods have a distinct advantage over softwoods, in that they rot at a slower rate. However, a properly treated and manufacture softwood can last just as long. If aesthetics and minimal maintenance are what you’re after, then hardwood products are what you need.

What we offer

At Taylor Made, our wooden planters are made from the highest quality woods and are fully weatherproof. We offer expert craftsmanship and unique styles that can definitely add a creative spark to your business.

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