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  • Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens
  • Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens
  • Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens
  • Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens
  • Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens
  • Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens

Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens




Project Torre Abbey Medieval Gardens
Specification To fit and supply rustic timber Planters situated in the medieval section of Torre abbey gardens.
Location Torquay
Partners Alison Marshall the Head gardener finished off all the planting.

Back in early 2013 TaylorMade Commercial had a phone call from Alison Marshall, the head gardener at Torre Abbey. She explained what she had in mind; she wanted to create a medieval themed garden involving our commercial planters. This beautiful 12th Century abbey in the heart of Torquay has an extremely rich history spanning over eight centuries. It has served many different functions, from its early origins as a monastery, to serving as a family home for the Cary family in the 1600s. Any additions to the house or garden need to be extremely mindful of this heritage.

At TaylorMade Commercial we have garnered the expertise needed to tackle a project such as this. We were able to design commercial planters with the necessary awareness of the importance of Torre Abbey’s delicate historical heritage. We worked closely with Alison to then build what she had designed and planned. We thought that a rustic-looking commercial planter with integrated seating would be ideal for this project. As there was a water feature in the centre of the plans, we decided we would create a symmetrical seating plan which would allow visitors to enjoy the tranquillity of the water feature. This completed the project and looked great through the woven willow tunnels. This is one of our favourite commercial planters projects, as we have not only created a fantastic looking garden, but we’ve also become a small part of Torre Abbey’s admirable history, which is something that we’re really proud of and is an honour.

• Over 2000m of rough sawn treated 95 x 45mm thick pressure treated redwood used
• Over 10 tonnes of type 1 to compact a base
• High grade 300micron eco dpm liner used
• Designed and built by our team of specialists
• Completed in under 2 weeks