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  • Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters
  • Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters
  • Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters
  • Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters
  • Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters
  • Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters

Quayside Seaside Public Space Planters




Project Quayside Seaside 2015
Specification To help with the design of the new project and to fabricate and install everything on site.
Location Newcastle NE1 Quayside
Partners Robinson Landscapes

With four years since the original commercial planters project and with over 50,000 people visiting the pop up beach each year at the famous Newcastle quayside, NE1 decided to revamp and improve the Quayside Seaside. With help from Taylor Made Planters, NE1’s award winning pocket park programme is now bigger and better, with the beach extending to 250 square metres of sand and decking, the introduction of 5 hand-crafted beach huts, a boat front with a boat themed climbing frame and a large stage area. We also supplied 10 1400sq Versailles planters for 10m high palm trees.

This was an ambitious project, but one which we were excited to take on. We were particularly pleased to be asked to work on the Quayside Seaside again, as it suggested that NE1 had been satisfied with the work we had done for them previously. The high quality of the services and products that we provided, along with our close attention to detail had obviously been recognised. We also were excited to return to the creativity involved in this project, as it’s not every day that you get to work on building a beach. So it was an unusual project, but we were excited to return to the challenges that this would bring. We really got to explore the full potential of commercial planters.

Robinson Landscapes were handed the task of creating something bigger and better than the previous years, so who better to come to than TaylorMade Commercial? They were confident that we would be able to build on the great things that we’d developed previously. With experience of fabricating the previous project and working hand in hand to ensure that everything fitted down to the last millimetre, we had our work cut out. After scrutinising our original design and looking closely at improving its features, we soon had something solid to work from and got straight to developing our ideas. TaylorMade Commercial then had the task of installing this mammoth project within a tight deadline.

Here is the end result that we are extremely proud of:

• Over 250 square meters of decking
• A custom built boat front with seating area
• Over 2000m of 95 x 46mm pressure treated redwood used for frame work
• Built and installed within 5 weeks
• 5 custom built beach huts.