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  • Priory S.E.N School Planters
  • Priory S.E.N School Planters
  • Priory S.E.N School Planters
  • Priory S.E.N School Planters

Priory S.E.N School Planters




Project Priory SEN School
Specification To fit and supply timber block public space planters to the rear of the school, dividing the classrooms from the playground, also to install a 20 meter planter with integrated vegetable patches along the front fence of the school
Location Croydon
Partners Kingston Garden Services completed all the soft landscaping after we had built the planters. Leadbitters Architects

Here we have a custom public space planters project that we constructed for Priory School in Croydon. There are individual planters for each class, allowing the children to get hands on with growing fruit and vegetables. TaylorMade Commercial always go the extra mile when it comes to special projects like this, not only to insure they look great but also so that they are practical for the younger generation of children too. We also constructed a 48 meter planter which creates a barrier between the classrooms and the playground.

This sort of project is really satisfying, for we really got the sense that the inclusion of these public space planters would have a positive impact on the school lives of the children. Growing fruits and vegetables is a great learning experience, as they can find out about where their food comes from and how it is produced. This can become a great life skill for them in the future. There is also a sense of responsibility involved in caring for the plants within the planters, as mistreatment or neglect would cause the plants to die. The children would need to learn how to treat the plants properly and learn to nurture them. We also loved the community aspect of the project, with each child working as a team to encourage their own class planter.

With these positive outcomes in mind, we were able to provide high quality public space planters, created with our usual emphasis on high quality and precision. We hope that the children enjoy the inclusion of these planters in their playground and make the most of them.

• In the region of 2200 meters of 95 x 46mm pressure treated redwood used.
• High grade 300 micron eco DPM liner used.
• All shown fixings are stainless steel
• Designed by Leadbitters architects