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How Plants Can Enhance Your Environment



At Taylor Made Commercial we’re passionate about all things plants. They’re the natural partners to our custom made planters, so how could we not be?

However, you might not know about the number of ways in which plants can make useful additions to business premises and public places. As our opening blog on the Taylor Made Commercial site, we thought we’d take you through how plants can enhance your environment, and of course planters too!


Aesthetic Value

Plants and planters offer an undeniable aesthetic addition to the places that they inhabit. Humans seem to find natural systems inherently beautiful, so it’s no surprise that we consider plants to have aesthetic value. Some scientists have suggested that plants invoke an ancient peace within humans because we associate their presence with an abundance of food, meaning that we don’t need to worry about foraging. Public spaces look as if they’re lacking something without the addition of greenery or plant life.


Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that adding plants into a working environment can notably include the productivity of a workforce. Multiple studies have suggested that this is the case, with an increase in productivity of 15% cited by an Exeter University study. Plants have also been found to allow people to be more creative, which is good news in most industries.


Purify the Atmosphere

It’s well known that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen by night, consistently purifying our global atmosphere. What many people don’t know is that this can also have an impact on a much smaller level. Plants can remove toxins from an office environment, reducing the likelihood that employees will suffer from the side effects of these – notably the modern-day phenomenon known as ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. Research has found that airborne toxins were reduced by 50% in offices which contained plant life. This resulted in employees taking far less sick days, which is again a bonus in terms of productivity.


Make People Happier

People experience less stress when they are surrounded by plants and greenery. People surrounded by plants report a greater sense of well-being, along with decreased anxiety, anger and fatigue – claims that have been supported by a large range of studies. This is obviously a huge benefit to humans in general. Notable biologist, Edward Wilson, coined this effect ‘biophilia’ in his work looking into the affinity that humans feel with plants and the natural world.


Lower Background Noise

Plants can help to create a sense of tranquillity by literally muffling and decreasing the amount of noise in a space. Gardens which are shaded by trees are subjected to decreased road noise, and plants contribute to reducing ambient noise in offices and work spaces. As excess noise is a much-cited cause of stress in the modern world, the addition of noise-muffling greenery can only be a positive addition to a workspace or public environment.

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