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Outdoor Winter Planters

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Now that winter is officially here, it’s time to experiment with your outdoor planters to keep your displays vibrant right through to spring. Garden containers are fantastically versatile and there are lots of plants and shrubs that can thrive in cooler weather. It’s important to choose quality materials for containers that can withstand cold weather without cracking, such as wooden…

3 Factors to Consider When Installing Rooftop Planters


There are many ways to decorate one’s rooftop; however, rooftop planters have become increasingly popular on top of townhouses and city skyscrapers. There are not many buildings or properties that have the capacity to implement such garden creativity. Having room to plant flowers, shrubs and trees add an unusual yet unique look to the property/building. However, rooftop gardening does require…

The Appeal of Wooden Planters


When it comes to designing the exterior features of a building or property, many people struggle to decide what styles, furniture or plants will best compliment their site, particularly from an outdoor point of view. Many people tend to sway to wooden outdoor furniture, decking, and planters, as the material contrasts well with natural surroundings. In this blog we explore…

An Introduction to Growing Vegetables


Here’s our introduction to growing vegetables for budding gardeners. At TaylorMade Commercial we provide top-of-the-range commercial planters to businesses and organisations across the UK. Our planters are used for different purposes, one of these being with the intent of growing vegetables. This is particularly popular in schools and nurseries. Learning how to care and nurture vegetables is a really valuable…

Populating Your Commercial Planters


At TaylorMade Commercial we are dedicated to providing businesses and the public sector with outstanding commercial planters. Our focus is upon using the best materials, formulating amazing designs and building our products to the highest possible standard. However, once our planters are completed the direction in which you take them is up to you. Here are our top tips for…

How Plants Can Enhance Your Environment


At Taylor Made Commercial we’re passionate about all things plants. They’re the natural partners to our custom made planters, so how could we not be? However, you might not know about the number of ways in which plants can make useful additions to business premises and public places. As our opening blog on the Taylor Made Commercial site, we thought…