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3 Factors to Consider When Installing Rooftop Planters



There are many ways to decorate one’s rooftop; however, rooftop planters have become increasingly popular on top of townhouses and city skyscrapers. There are not many buildings or properties that have the capacity to implement such garden creativity. Having room to plant flowers, shrubs and trees add an unusual yet unique look to the property/building. However, rooftop gardening does require careful planning and understanding of the different weather conditions that you will have to face throughout the seasons, as well as unexpected climate changes.There are a few factors that you do need to consider before getting your planters installed.

Are Your Planters going to receive the necessary sunlight?

Plants on rooftops and Balconies can be tricky at times when it comes to receiving enough sunlight, especially in high-rise areas. Close buildings can often impede one another when it comes to receiving natural light. In relation to planters, they need be visible to sunlight all year around, so it is important that they are monitored all year round.

Although some things cannot be avoided, such as new building complexes, it is vital that you are aware that new measures can affect the way your plants receive light. However, if your plants are deprived of natural sunlight, there are ways to get around it. Indirect light focuses on reflecting indirect sunlight off buildings and provides your plants with light at a lower concentration or intensity, almost as if the light is filtered.

Drainage is another important factor that you need to consider when installing rooftop planters. Although your planters are highly exposed to rain, it is important to ensure that the planters’ drainage system is installed correctly. This should see the water trickle down through a drain pipe attached to the building. If not your rooftop garden could end up being quite disastrous.

Rooftop tree

With the planters elevatored off the ground, you should expect the Winds to be more powerful than usual. Each planter should be well constructed to within stand all weather conditions, as well as being well insulated and bolted down in some cases. Insulation can be the key factor that decides whether your plants live or die. In summer time, too much sun can dry out the roots and in winter, winter winds can freeze the roots.

The Taylor Made Way

At Taylor Made we offer a variety of planters both commercial and private. We construct each one of our products by hand, using only the highest quality and most durable woods. Each of our products is bespoke and unique to the individual client. To find out more about our product why not give us a call or send us an email.

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